Ma vie dans dix ans

Dans dix ans j’aurai 24 ans. Je vais finir mes études pour deviendrai une femme médecin parce que j’aime la biologie et le cerveau m’intéresse. J’aime des personnes aussi. Je pense que j’habiterai dans un appartement mais je ne sais pas où. Je ne pense pas que j’aurai une famille puisque je voudrai finir mes études premièrement et gagner un peu d’argent. Mais peut-être j’aurai un petit ami. Je ne jouerai pas de handball mais je continuerai à m’entraîner. J’aimerai jouer de la guitare et rencontrer ma famille et mes amis.


Discussion leader

Bookcircle week 4.

White hat: What did Glen think when he heard the song in the end? Why do you think he thought like that?

Yellow hat: What do you think is positiv with Minnie leaving Glen’s family alone?

Black hat: What do you think would have happened if Minnie had died? Do you think there would have been a different ending?

Red hat: How did Minnie react when Glen came to save her? How would you react if you knew that a murders brother was next to you?

Green hat: Do you think the book could have ended differently?


After the mother, Anna Parish, visited the jail she saw that there were only to cars left. When she started to drive she noticed  that Minnie Cooper was trying to follow her and she tried to shake her off. On the boat she sees Minnie’s car and she realises that she has to do something. So when Minnie goes to the toilet she takes the chance and punctures the tires off Minnies car so she can’t follow her.

Glen went to a night-club were he met Sallys and Hawthornes friends. They started to talk and after a while Sally told him to buy a drink for everyone and when he came back they started  to tease him and it turns out that they had just been using him. This makes him really mad and hurt so he beats up Hawthorn’s friends and he has to leave the club.

Another thing that also happened was that Minne Cooper tried to get the adress to Gav’s family by calling the grandmother and pretend that she was Anna. But when the grandmother asked the nickname of Annas husband, she couldn’t answer.

Reporter from CNN

Hello everyone! I’m standing here from CNN in the middle of the war. As you can see there is a man running in to the woods and saving people who are hurt or stuck in there. This man is doing something very heroic for these men. Every time he runs in, he comes out with a man on his shoulder and then he runs back to the woods again to bring another one. It looks like he won´t be satisfied saving people until every american soldier is saved.

While all this is happening, you can hear bombs falling. Terrible sounds of automatic weapons. There is smoke everywhere and I can feel how it sticks in my eyes from the smoke of the bombs. You can smell the fear of the soldiers and you can smell the death.

Summary, first part of Forrest Gump

The film started with Forrest Gump waiting for the bus. While he is sitting there and waiting, he tells the persons who are sitting next to him about his life. Forrest didn’t have any friends but one day he met Jenny who became his best friend. Forrest had leg problems and he had to wear braces. But one day when Forrest was out with Jenny some bullies came and chased him with their bikes so he had to run. After that he didn’t need any braces. He was a good runner so he played football and later he joined the army. There he met a new friend called Bubba.

Tips till att inte bli lurad av reklam

Idag påverkas man mycket av reklam. Därför är det viktigt att man inte blir lurad av den. Här är några tips på vad du kan tänka på för att inte bli lurad:

  1. Mycket glad musik och glada känslor används för att visa att du blir glad och lyckligt om du köper den här produkten/ varan
  2. De använder oftast ”experter” som säger att varan är bra. Det kan vara t.ex. läkare.
  3. Man tar upp problem i t.ex. hemmet och sedan visar man att produkten kan lösa alla dem problemen

Det kan också förekoma reklam i filmer. Det kallas för produktplacering. Man kanske filmar in på bilmärket när huvudpersonen kör bilen. Det kan också vara så att kända personer använder ett speciellt märke på kläderna bara för de får dem gratis så att andra personer också ska vilja använda dem.